Maureen O’Connor


About The Artist

Maureen O’Connor has been called “a masterful painter of some of our favorite things, like candy”, by Randi Hopkins, former assistant curator at Boston’s
Institute of Institute of Contemporary Art. O’Connor’s subjects include a gumball machine, cookies, candy, flowers and a pair of ceramic ducks given to her
by the Parisian mother of an old roommate. She often combines these with favorite patterned fabrics and studies them in the north light of her
studio on Boston Harbor.

Her work has been shown throughout the United States and is in the collections of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Fidelity Investments,
Boston Medical Center and Biogen, Idec among others. It is also included in the collection of Bruce Dayton, owner of Target Department Stores
and great benefactor at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Richard Miner, co founder of Android and partner at Google.

O’Connor’s work has most recently been exhibited at the Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA and is represented by Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, Texas and
555 Gallery of Boston, MA as well as numerous private art dealers in the Boston area. It can be viewed online at
O’Connor’s artwork appeared in David Mamet’s film, Lipservice, an HBO production filmed in Boston.

Additionally, O’Connor has been employed by the Museum of Fine Arts since 1979.


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