AI Ragone


About The Artist

Al is a fine art photographer based in Boston, specializing in portraits and nudes that encapsulate moments of life, emotion, and perfection.  Out of the studio, he explores life through Street Photography, and other mediums including stone lithography, other forms of print-making, as well as mixed media assemblages.  His visual storytelling is inspired by Mapplethorpe’s The Perfect Moment, and captures “the madness of today’s existence” through photography and lithography, pushing through clichés and cultural conventions, and portraying emotions through alternative perspectives and viewpoints.  Through his work in both mediums, Al is exploring new ways to express himself through a blend of his photography and lithography.  Marrying the two has become analogous to the relationship between Form and Function, and a challenge in how to give a voice through the manipulation of constraints found in everyday life.


Unit #208